Where are you?

According to Roger’s Innovation Adoption Curve, people fall into one of five categories. He defines the categories like this:
Innovators: Brave people pulling the change
Early Adopters: Respectable people, opinion leaders, who try out new ideas in a careful way.
Early Majority: Thoughtful people, careful, but accepting change more quickly than the average.
Late Majority: skeptical people, they will only use ideas or products when the majority are using them.
Laggards: traditional people, caring for the “old ways,” are critical towards new ideas and will only use them when become the main stream or even tradition.

Now, let’s have some fun. Read these descriptions to someone who knows you well and ask them which one you are. I would be willing to bet that most of us put ourselves on the more adventurous end of the spectrum than we really are. Post their responses as replies.