Take NO thought for your life..an excerpt from my journal this morning.

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life…” – Matthew 6:25
How many times have concerns for the future kept me from God’s ideal AND stolen my joy, peace, et. al.? Jesus isn’t just citing a monetary concern, but a planning concern. Too many times, I have narrowed the focus of this teaching to just money and material concerns. But today, I feel like God means a much broader thing. Reading that verse today, I felt like birds and flowers just do what they are supposed to, and follow their divine design. Rather than just knowing God will provide materially for me, I can rest in the fact that He is covering everything in my existence. On top of that, it encourages me to live a life that leaves Him the opportunity to care for me and to not leave me to my own ends. So much more broad is His care for me than just money and stuff.

Thank you, Lord, for Your great care for me, and Your great care for my whole being. Show me where to walk, grant me strength to be faithful where I am, and give me patience to just be as You’ve designed me.