Finite Minds

I’m noticing an increase in the number of conversations I’m having with people about things our finite minds can’t wrap around. Most recently around the idea that God sovereignly saves BUT man is still responsible to respond.

I don’t know if this represents a significant shift in people’s awareness of Biblical paradox, or if people feel like they have become smart enough to grasp infinite things with their finite minds.
As a follower of Jesus, we serve a God who is not confined nor constrained by “the possible.” He works beyond our frame of reference, outside the time line. It should not surprise us that there are things that are a reality in spite of our inability to grasp them. For instance, no matter how simply you break it down, all of our best analogies to explain the Trinity fall short. I’ve heard most of the comparisons, like the apple, egg, or even our own existence. And while saying the Trinity is like an egg is a beginning place for the trinity, the shell is never the yolk is never the white. The apple, although being core, skin, meat, and seeds, has never been on earth while talking to itself in heaven and promising to send itself back once it goes away (John 14-16).
The reality is we will never grasp this side of eternity many of the intricacies that surround our HUGE God or the way He operates. But the truth is that brings me great comfort. Knowing that God can’t be explained or fully understood is one MORE reason He can be trusted and looked to for the impossible! He inspires trust and hope because He is unlike anything we will ever experience! And while some wrestle to wrap their brains around Him, I strive to let Him wrap me in His paradoxical presence and just be amazed by Him.