Ein Tag in meinem Leben

Mein Tagesplan

Um halb 7 stehe ich auf. Dann lese ich die Bibel für meine ruhig Zeit. Nächste ich esse um 7 Uhr Frühstück. Oder Ihr könnt sprechen, “Ich Frühstücke.” Oft, Frühstück ist Fleisch und Brot mit Wasser. Übringens, ich mag Brötchen mit Marmelade oder Schokolade und einen Becher Kaffee. Sie schmecken sehr!

Dann, von halb 8 bis fünf vor 8 fahre ich meine Kinder in die Schule. Sie sind bei Zwei anders Schule. Von dort, von 8 Uhr bis halb 9 nehme ich den Zug, und ich gehe in die Schule in Hamburg. Ich lerne von zehn vor 9 bis 13 Uhr Deutsch sprechen. Der Vortrag ist 4 Stunden lang.

Dann um 13 Uhr nehme ich den Zug und ich fahre nach Allermöhe. Das ist wo Cayla zur Schule geht, und wo das Auto ist. Von halb 2 bis 2 hole ich meine Kinder ab. Dann gehen wir nach Haus zum Mittags. Um Viertel nach 2 essen wir Mittags.

Dann von halb 4 bis 5 Uhr lese ich mein Deutsch Buch.

Das ist mein Tag jeden Werktag oder Arbeitstag!

A Day In The Life Of The Bishops

I think we have finally gotten “settled” in our 2-bedroom quarters here near Richmond, VA. It’s taken 3 weeks, but we are finding our stride. As usual, we will be leaving in 4 weeks, so it’ll be another adjustment. But, at least it’s 4 weeks of stability.

We live in a QUAD. Our Quad is a big house that has 4 apartments. Each apartment is equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. Each apartment has a family living in it, so in our quad, there are 14 people living. 3 of these families have small kids, all of them being 5 or less! So, Jeremiah and Cayla are the oldest. Our neighbors in the next quad have kids that are 13, 12, and 10, so they have quickly become Jeremiah and Cayla’s close friends.

Our day consists of getting up at 6:20 (Caryn gets up at 5:30a to run). We head off to a cafeteria (think Youth Camp but a little nicer) for breakfast at 7:00. There’s about 40 families here right now, so we will usually see everyone at each meal.

I’m in charge of the Audio/Visual team here, so I rush off at 7:30 to make sure lights, microphones, and cameras are all set for the first session that starts at 8:00. We usually walk Caryn to the first session. It’s a “kid free” time for the moms. From 8:00 – 8:45, Caryn is having a Quiet Time and Bible study with all the other moms while the dads chase their tiny kids all over the camp! I’m blessed to have older kids, so we go back to our Quad or to the cafeteria and have our Quiet Time. Then Jeremiah and Cayla swing until it’s time for school at 8:45.

They go to school in a building where other TCK’s (Third Culture Kids) who have grown up overseas are now the teachers! Jeremiah and Cayla’s teacher is Mr. Ben. He’s teaching them about living overseas as a disciple and as an ambassador for Christ. They do a lot of reading, and they study the Bible.

From the time that we drop them off at school until 3:15, Caryn and I are in meetings. Some are fun. Some, not so much. Some of these meetings have been about the culture where we’re going. Some have been on company policy. And some, honestly, I’m still not sure what they were about!

At 3:15, there’s usually more meetings for me, while Caryn and the kids unwind from a busy day. By 5:00, just about everyone here has descended upon the cafeteria for dinner. We really look forward to the dinners on the weekends. The weekend chef is a cooking school graduate and former military man we affectionately call Mr. James. And man can he cook!

There’s usually more casual meetings after dinner. There’s an open gym 2 nights a week for J & C to go to. I’m teaching Martial Arts 2 nights a week for people as a self defense class. And, by 9:00, the compound, er, I mean, campground is quiet. Our kiddos have showered, prayed, and gotten into bed. Caryn and I sit around our kitchen table and look at assignments that are due as we talk about the day. By 10:00p, the Bishop’s section of the Quad is dark and quiet.

That’s the typical day here. We do have a not-so-typical day coming up tomorrow. It’s clinic day where everyone begins all the shots they need for overseas. Caryn and I can’t find our shot records, so we will be getting ALL of the immunizations, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis, TB, etc. shots again! J & C don’t have any shots to get yet, so Caryn and I get to be the pin-cushions!

Thanks for your prayers and support! We miss all of you very much, and are looking forward to being home from June 18 – June 29! We’ll see you soon!


Losing “your” life.

It’s been a season of funerals. Having attended three funerals over the last 9 days, I’ve been thinking a lot about life and what it’s all about. At two of the three funerals, there have been a significant amount of people who came to celebrate the impact the departed had made on their lives. And it’s put life on my mind. I know, it should have put death on my mind. But honestly, I’ve already faced death, and life is all I have left. Perhaps it’s because I am teetering on the verge of my 40th birthday that I am spending time contemplating what’s left of my life. But whether it’s funerals, my impending passage into my 40’s, or some weird combination of both, I’ve had to really think through my existence.

And when I get down to the brass tacks, I can understand why people experience a mid-life crisis. Unresolved dreams mixed with an unresolved fear of death could drive a person to some crazy things. But the words of Jesus, as recorded in all three of the Synoptics, remind me that it’s in the loss of my life for His sake that I truly live.  As Christians, Jesus takes care of our deaths “upfront,” so we can focus on life and real living.  And so it is that all of those who have trusted Jesus for their eternity can face the rest of their lives with the reassurance that they have already died.  All we have left to do is to live! And live well.