12 on the 12th

I started something this year with my kiddos. For each of their birthdays, I write them a letter telling them things I love about them. The number of things I list corresponds with their age, so today, I write 12 things about Jeremiah that I love. For those of you who know him, you’ll agree, or may even want to add your own here. Feel free to jump on!
Here’s my letter to Jeremiah

My son,
I wanted to start a tradition with you to share with you on your birthday things I love about you. I wanted to do this in writing so that you can keep them, if you’d like.

12. You have such a patient nature. I admire that.
11. You enjoy the outdoors, and are always up for an adventure!
10. You love your family in a way your age don’t.
9. I never could have imagined that, at 12 years old, we would be able to talk about the deep things we talk about. You’re a great thinker.
8. You have great focus. When you set your mind on something, you see it through.
7. You have a genuine, Christ-like care for people.
6. Your love for reading is something I really admire and love.
5. You have such an easy-going demeanor. You’re not easily rattled, and you take life in stride.
4. You care deeply for spiritual things, and are growing in Christ.
3. You often teach me important lessons in life, and are used often by God to help me develop my character.
2. You show a sensitivity to the needs of others, to peace, and to being a peace maker. That’s a rare quality in adults, let alone a teenager!
1. But most of all, I love that you remind me so much of Jesus. I am so proud of you, and if I’m this proud of you, I can’t imagine how proud Christ is of you.

Happy Birthday, Jeremiah. I love you!

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