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We are wrapping up our first week here at The Farm. It has been a CRAZY week! I’ve gotten more information in the last 5 days than probably the last 5 years combined!

But even more important has been the spiritual and fellowship aspects. On a spiritual note, it has been a great time away from phones, texts, and to some degree, emails. I’ve had time to think, pray, worship, dream, and even plan (a little!). On Friday we had a personal retreat time where we were told to take a sack lunch and go disappear from human contact for 3 hours. Our only guidelines were to spend the 3 hours with Christ. It was a GREAT time for me. It was a time Christ reminded me of His grace and His great joy for those who come to faith in Him. As I was walking on a gravel path through the trees in the morning sunlight, I was contemplating Jesus’ interaction with Zaccheus. I could just picture Jesus looking around at the lunch guests and proclaiming with overwhelming joy and celebration, “TODAY salvation has come to this house!” The contrast was that in spite of my knowing this, and regardless of how many times I have spoken to others of God’s grace and mercy, I had forgotten what that mercy and grace means for me. I’d been operating from the mindset that God is just waiting for me to mess things up and crush me. Without boring you with a long history of my walk, this is an area I’d struggled greatly with because of my relationship with my dad. And, even through I KNOW God is not a malevolent being waiting to crush me, I’d been thinking like that for a long time. I’d been confessing sins already forgotten by God, and dragging up things He has already dealt with me on. Friday, I left that behind! And how liberating it’s been!

The other aspect we’ve encountered has been that of the fellowship of 100’s of other people who are all experiencing the SAME things we are: getting rid of stuff, leaving loved ones and comfort of home, in a long period of transition. We’ve celebrated with these new friends, cried with them, watched each others kids, shared countless meals already, and worshipped as a house church with our quad-mates. We’ve also found time to do some family stuff. Last night, I took the kids fishing while Caryn did some reading. Jeremiah and I are watching “Tron” while Caryn runs and Cayla swings at the park. Tomorrow morning, it’s back to the grind stone!

Continue to pray for us as we make this journey with the other families and singles here. It’s been amazing and it’s only been a week!

See you soon!

3 thoughts on “The Farm

  1. MISS YOU GUYS! Love you four and we continue to pray for you!
    The Myers Bunch

  2. Hey, we have been trying to keep up with the Whipples a bit, because Jake is good friends with Dakota, and Dakota told Jake about their trip to India… so anyway, I saw that Miah mentioned Dakota and put two and two together… they are a great family!! I hope things go well for all of you.

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