In the coming days…

In the coming days, things will begin moving quickly for us as we prepare to go to Germany. In one month, we will have to be in Virginia where our training and preparation will be intensified. We will be living at a conference center and spending 8 hours a day in classes, as will the kids. We will depart from there mid-June, and arrive on the field by July 1. In the mean time, there’s some things I’d like to do.
First, I’d like to say “Thank You” to all of you who have been praying and encouraging us in this process. Tomorrow night, we will stand before 1,000’s of people and share a very brief testimony about why we are going. And I want you to know that, in my mind, you stand there with us as those who have been instrumental in this process and in our lives. We don’t just go as the Bishop family, we go as the body of Christ. Thank you for giving so sacrificially for His cause.
Second, I’d like to continue building our prayer team. As you could read in my last post, we know that this whole endeavor hinges on prayer, and that’s one significant way you could join us in this work. It’s not too late to get in on that list. You can shoot me an email letting me know, or comment here. But I’m also wanting to build significant relationship with 5 churches in the states to be partner churches with. We already have 2 solid churches that are partnering with us, so I’m looking to build a connection with 3 more. These churches would be sending, praying, involved churches who partner with us in the ministry and allow us to partner with them for mobilization. If you are interested in that, get in touch with me.
Third, I am speaking 4 of the last 5 Sundays we have left in Lubbock. Most of those, I’ll be sharing about the work we’ll be doing in Germany. If you are interested in hearing about what we will be doing, contact me to find out where you could come, listen, get prayer cards, and say hello!
Again, thank you. I’m looking forward to watching God do His thing as He answers your prayers and makes Himself famous in Germany!

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  1. Sidney Green on said:


    Please allow us to be part of your prayer team! We would be so honored to be a part of your ministry through our ministry of prayer!


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