Why would He say that?

Have you ever met someone who was SO EXCITED about something that they couldn’t help but talk about it? I’ve been that person at times, as I’m sure you have. And, sometimes, we are tempted to be so excited that we venture off into speculation that isn’t really accurate, but more conjecture; almost the assertion that we are now an expert on that which has us so excited.

Perhaps this is exactly why Jesus often admonished people not to mention what He’d done or said.

Oswald Chambers comments on one such passage, Mark 9:9, saying, “‘He charged them that they should tell no man what things they had seen, till the Son of man were risen from the dead.’ Say nothing until the Son of man is risen in you – until the life of the risen Christ so dominates you that you understand what the historic Christ taught. When you get to the right state on the inside, the word which Jesus has spoken is so plain that you are amazed you did not see it before. You could not understand it before, you were not in the place in disposition where it could be borne.”

As most of my time is spent in relationship with teenagers, this struck a chord with me. MANY times we tell people to go and proclaim, telling them they already know enough to share with others. And, in many ways, this is true. But we never go back and help them mature to the point that Christ’s teachings are becoming obvious or plain. We don’t encourage enough study and inner transformation that those we mentor can give a good answer to the faith that they have. Let’s face it, we all have a propensity to, at times, share a message that our life doesn’t measure up to, doing more harm than good in the sharing. We’ve had a vision or experience that burns in us to share, but we do not yet have a life in that area that has been impacted by the Risen Son. Be encouraged today to speak wisely, within the parameters of what you KNOW, and what the Risen Son has done in your life.  And, in your life, be a tool of transformation to others so that He can make plain His teachings to others. To venture beyond what He has done in you may just be a trap the enemy uses to further separate someone from Christ.

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  1. Exactly. There’s a lot to be said for exuberance. But I think sometimes there is such a lack of exuberance that we try to capitalize on it rather than focus and train it.

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