Blessed by Accident?

One morning this week while I was doing my Bible study, I went looking for a verse…However, it was early, and my brain hadn’t engaged yet. I was looking for “Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations; I will be exalted among the earth.” I know, Psalm 46:10. Like I said, my brain wasn’t working, and I went looking for that verse at Isaiah 46:10. And the result was quite a blessing. Isaiah 46:10 says, “I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say: My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.” I stopped, and thought about it. I know this verse is directly talking about God’s superiority over the gods of the Babylonians. I know that, in a less direct way, it is speaking about God’s triumph over sin, and the promised deliverance of His people. But I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something more there for me that morning. Does God know the outcome of every situation of life? Does His will always happen? Will He do whatever He wants in spite of my obedience or disobedience? And I came to Yes and No. He will accomplish His glory with or without me. But there are things that He may ask me to do that if I don’t, won’t get done. For example: the salvation of the person I am supposed to share His word with. What a fine line must exist in this balance. It baffles my mind. I have found yet another oxy-moron of the faith.
But that morning, God spoke to me in a simple way about this verese. He spoke to me about trust. He has always had things under control. You’ll never here Him say, “Oops, I hadn’t thought of that.” or “Wow, I lost control there for a moment.” He is God, and there is no other like Him. He will faithfully do what He desires, and has always done. Trust Him with the future. He can use the birds of the air to accomplish His will. He can use a talking donkey to accomplish His will. He can use a ruddy boy to defeat the giant. He has shown Himself faithful to His purposes. My responsibility is to be sure that I am in line with His purposes. I can’t control the future, but I can get in line with God and His purposes. That’s the greatest place to be. And I was reminded of this by accident?

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  1. SundayJam on said:

    That kind of accidents are the best blessings that could be encounted. I too, was often driven to the thought that god knows every little detail about me, life and time, what had been done, what’s going on right now and what will happen in future days. So that in mind you “always” stand at the next oppurtunity to go with god, get blessed and be a blessing for others or just say no to god, go straight in the other direction, lose some of his will for your life and more importantly the miss the chance to be in gods presence. But I understand that the enemy is covering a some space of our vision and doesn’t want ous to realize that we are mighty and yould do great things for the lord right now.I pray that we all will see with the eyes of god, so that we don’t miss any chances and can go to the lost and be a help for them. Amen.

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