The Fragile Nature of Life

I got a text yesterday during staff meeting from Shelby saying Toby had been in a motorcycle accident. Toby is one of my closest friends. You may have seen him in our “Wild Hogs” pictures. Toby’s that guy that can fix anything, and is always the first to show up and help with something.
The text said Toby had been in an accident, and has some broken ribs and a broken knee. So, we bailed on staff meeting and headed that way, expecting to find a bruised and sore Toby.

Got to the ER, and Shelby hadn’t been able to see Toby yet, so we camped in the ER waiting room eagerly awaiting a report on my surely road-rashed friend. That’s when we found out that they had to rush Toby into emergency surgery upon discovering a building amount of fluid in his stomach. Turns out he had severed an artery in his abdomen, and nearly bled to death internally. Upon further examination, his knee cap is shattered, pelvis broken, internal organs (intestines, possibly colon) had perforated, and multiple ribs broken. His status went from banged up to critical in a matter of minutes. After 5 hours of surgery, they had to close him up because his vital signs became unstable. They still have work to do on his organs, pelvis, and knee cap.

The thing about Toby is that he is, by nature, a fighter. He doesn’t accept the fact that an obstacle can block your path. This man doesn’t take “No” for an answer. I’m honestly surprised that he doesn’t have a clause in his files stating that he gets to assist on any repairs done to himself. We were joking with him last night about having his hands restrained in order to keep him from fixing himself.

It’s been a rough night but Toby is fighting. The SICU doctor told Shelby that the next 24 – 48 hours would be crucial, so we’re almost halfway done with that. Please be praying. I know Toby would tell us to go on with the stuff that needs to get done and not to worry about him. But I am asking you to spend a significant amount of time in prayer for him today. Toby is that guy that literally is there for anyone and everyone. The most generous man I know, he embodies the Christian spirit of service and sacrifice. Join me in praying Toby out of danger and onto recovery.

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  1. Praying for Toby.

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