Asia Trip, Spring 2009

I realized that I hadn’t posted any of my entries for the Asia trip here. I got them onto my Facebook. So, here is Day 1’s update.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Well, we’ve arrived in the city! We are checked into our hotel, and I am about to bed down for the night. It’s weird having left US soil Tuesday morning (as it feels it’s still Tuesday), but bedding down on Wednesday night. All total, in travel time, we were on the move for 23 hours. Trying to stay awake on the train ride from the capital city to our city was brutal. But we are alive and well. Tomorrow starts early for us. We will join American friends for breakfast, and to video conference back home with family so they can see we are well. If you are family, and would like to visit with us, be at THF at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday night! I will be speaking with my students, and afterward, families can say hello. AND, since that is early morning here, I am now off to bed. I’ll update more tomorrow!

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